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AGA Tuition

The North West's Only AGA Approved Cookery School

Phyl Lomas Cookery offers people with all manner of cookers and cooking abilities the perfect Cookery Day. However, if you are an Aga owner and want to learn more about cooking with an Aga look no further.

Whether you have just taken delivery of your new Aga, moved into an Aga household or have owned your beloved cooker for over 30 years, Phyl Lomas Cookery now offers exclusive Aga tuition to help you achieve the very best from these Iconic British Cookers.

Phyl has worked with Aga for over 15 years, demonstrating across the whole of the North West and provides the perfect Aga tuition. If you would like an intimate group demonstration in Phyl’s Kitchen, or if you would prefer one on one tuition in your own home, Phyl uses a life time of cooking with Aga and a personal touch tailoring the Aga tuition to suit you.

To book Aga Tuition please Contact us.

P.S If you are thinking of purchasing an Aga, or have any questions about Aga or Aga tuition, please contact Phyl by email at phyl@phyllomascookery.co.uk

AGA Tuition

Louise Minchin

"Thanks Phyl for the amazing hints & tips, I learnt so much and also your delicious recipes"

Louise Minchin

"Phyl is a patient and detailed teacher who will go over the same techniques to build your confidence. The environment you learn in Phyl’s amazing Aga kitchen is cosy and helps you relax to learn and be able to ask as many questions as needed, I have grown from an amateur cook just about able to feed my family, to cook Christmas day lunch for 17 people with no dramas, my confidence has grown enormously and people want to be invited for dinner so they can sample Phyl’s delicious recipes"

Rosie Shanks | Aga 7 Series

"Phyl was fabulous in showing me how to use my new Aga. I had grown up with one but they have changed so much - my Aga eR3 150/4i in black is my baby!
She took time to explain all the features and answered every question. Having someone show you is so much better than reading the manual and she made it so much fun.
I am now exploring the wonderful world of cooking with my Aga and I know that if I get stuck or have a question Phyl will help"

Louise Kiely | Aga eR3 150/4i