Cooking can sometimes be a daunting prospect, whether you’re planning a dinner party for 20, a small feast with friends or just want to refine those cooking skills. Phyl Lomas Cookery is here to inspire you through a bespoke cookery experience, creating simple yet delicious dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Join Phyl in the heart of her home for a fun, relaxed and informative cookery day, where she will share with you her favourite recipes, techniques, handy hints and tips that will make cooking your guilty pleasure

We can promise a fun, informal few hours of cooking heaven

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Aga Private Tuition

Phyl and Rebecca brought an absolute delight into our home with their private Aga cookery day! From the moment they arrived, it was evident that this experience would be nothing short of exceptional. Phyl struck the perfect balance between imparting valuable knowledge and ensuring we had a blast. Her expertise shone through as she effortlessly navigated the intricacies of Aga cooking, making it seem like a breeze.

The dishes prepared by Phyl were not just delicious; they were a testament to the simplicity and efficiency of cooking with an Aga. Gone are the days of intimidation; we now feel empowered and eager to put into practice all that Phyl has shared with us.

Value for money? Absolutely! Phyl and her assistant Rebecca spared no effort in ensuring every aspect of our day was seamless. From bringing along all the ingredients and utensils to their friendly and polite demeanour, they made the entire experience a joy. Having them in our home felt like hosting cherished friends rather than instructors.

Thank you, Phyl and Rebecca, for a day filled with culinary delights and newfound confidence in Aga cooking. We cannot wait to embark on this delicious journey armed with the skills you've imparted upon us.

Helen and Mark | 1st March 2024