About Phyl

It seems Phyl Lomas was born to cook. Growing up as one of a family of 11 children in rural Ireland, the older ones were expected topitch in and help with the cooking and the feeding of the younger ones. Phyl enjoyed it, but it wasn’t until she began baking with her grandmother that she really fell in love with kitchen life.

“We would collect the eggs from outside the back door and churn our own butter,” says Phyl. “It was wonderful to see all these raw ingredients come together and then emerge as a magical cake. Then there was the joy on the faces of my family when I took home whatever I had baked. They thought I was the queen. It was when I saw the pleasure baking could bring that I became really hooked.”

Phyl went to catering college in Dublin during the 1970s, but when she left she found there were few jobs for women.
“You’d be left peeling vegetables all day,” she says, so she moved out of the industry and went to work in retail.

At home with young children of her own, she wasted no time in getting back to the kitchen.
“I had bills to pay and an AGA kitchen, so I decided to do some cookery demonstrations,” she says. “Then someone who’d been to a demo would ask me to do the food for their husband’s 5oth or their daughter’s 21st. I loved it, but when I was asked to do my first wedding I was very nervous, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

It was from here that Phyl’s company, Stables Cuisine, grew into a thriving business catering for over 35 weddings a year, as well as parties and smaller lunches and dinners. Phyl cooks for events throughout Cheshire and also Lancashire, Staffordshire and parts of Yorkshire. She uses local produce wherever possible and her menus are extensive and creative, offering everything from delicious canapés through to amazing sit-down dinners. “I offer tastings to couples whose weddings we are doing,” she adds. “I began to notice that this generation simply didn’t know how to cook. Cookery days are in big demand and I decided to take the business back to its roots, and now we have Phyl Lomas Cookery”

This new venture offers people the perfect cookery day, combining the love of good food with a relaxed informative atmosphere. Whether you’re a master chief or a novice Phyl will make you more than welcome in her kitchen for a day of food heaven.

About Phyl